Consumer goods

Our range of services in the field of consumer goods

Food contact materials and articles are products that are intended to come into contact with food. These include in particular food packaging and food packaging materials but also cutlery, crockery etc. A custom-fit alignment of the company with legal requirements is the basis of sustained economic success. KWG develops customised solutions in the following areas:

  • Industry and product-specific contract drafting, e. g. general terms and conditions, contracts, quality assurance arrangements and specifications
  • Non-food compliance programme and contingency plan
  • Responsibility of the entrepreneur
  • Declarations of conformity
  • Specific product information
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Risk and safety evaluation
  • Development and optimisation of quality assurance systems
  • Settlement of disputes with authorities
  • Legal advice on product developments
  • RAPEX – rapid warning system
  • Official complaint management
  • Information provided to the public by the authorities, e. g. Consumer Information Act
  • Information provided to the public by private mass media
  • Comparative product tests
  • Written warnings by consumer protection organisations and competitors
  • Training measures and in-house training courses