Food Information Regulation 2. Edition

Authors Wolfgang Voit/Markus Grube
Price 189,00 €
Productinfos 2. Auflage 2016, Verlag: C.H.BECK, 2016, Seitenzahl: 934, Deutsch, ISBN: 978-3-406-67376-4


The LMIV (German Food Information Regulation) regulates European food information. It updates the existing Food Information Law- The legal amendments partly pursue a new approach, since it is no longer just about labelling packaging, but about arrangements concerning the provision of food information. Accordingly, the LMIV also contains provisions for previously unregulated areas such as Internet sales, catering or in connection with transport services. This holistic approach also covers important issues such as the responsibility of food business operators with regard to food information. The commentary explains the amendments by way of example and in the context of the previous legal status and in this way helps the company to clearly identify relevant changes. The 2nd edition has been completely revised taking into account initial findings in the practical application of the law, thereby also taking into consideration all the current interpretation aids for the application of LMIV.