How We Make Things At Home

Autoren Food Lawyers’ Network worldwide (Hrsg.) The authors of this book are members of the Food Lawyers’ Network (, a community of practicing lawyers specialized in food law. FLN-lawyers counsel and represent food business operators in all questions relating to the production and distribution of food from the local to a worldwide context.
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Produktinformationen Verlag: Books on Demand, 2020, Seitenzahl: 262, Englisch, ISBN-13: 9783751933551


Tradition in food. That’s were the FLN last exercised its swarm intelligence and published “How We Make Things At Home”.

When is a food ‘traditional’, ‘artisanal’, ‘farmhouse’ or ‘country-style’? What is ‘natural’, ‘authentic’ and ‘pure’? Find the answer between these book covers.